TapGlance B2B

What is TapGlance B2B

TapGlance B2B is a highly customized version of our award winning TapGlance app geared towards retailers, manufacturers and designers. We’ve combined the lightning-fast photo-realistic capabilities of TapGlance, with the ability to showcase your own inventory and even provide a quote, all within the app, in minutes.

How does it work

You start by drawing a two dimensional floor plan, or importing preset templates prepared in advance. Then the app automatically converts the drawings into a 3D space. You can now populate the plan with your custom furniture, appliances, fixtures, decor, fabrics and materials.

Only a few minutes stand between the idea phase and a designed, complete, detailed plan. After designing a plan, a single tap will produce a photo-realistic image of your space, created by our powerful render farm, or, if you choose, a self-hosted render farm.

The photo-realistic image is crucial in getting the client on the same page with your design. It minimizes misunderstandings and mistakes. It also creates customer engagement.

Once the client approves the design, you can then issue a detailed quote in one tap. The quote includes every item, material and detail exactly as in the plan. It’s that easy.

our customers say it best!

We already have TapGlance B2B deployed in several leading furniture design and manufacture companies where it is used as the main design and sales tool.

TapGlance is a lot more than a powerful sales tool. It opened for Calico new opportunities. Our fabric inventory alone includes more than 10,000 SKUs. TapGlance enables us to demonstrate our offering in the most simple yet amazing way there is, everywhere, to any customer – in no time. It reduces the number of visit-before-sale and our sales team just love it.

Curtis Pew
Vice President
Calico Corners

Furnware recognized the need to present our product offering in a way that our customers could get a true feel for the modern learning environments that we create. With the assistance of Black Mana we managed to take TapGlance to another level which gives us huge potential across the company. It has turned out to be much more than just a sales tool and we are very excited about the future benefits it offers us.

Steve Halpin
Operations Manager
How much does it cost?

The cost of acquiring TapGlance B2B for your business is comprised of 3 factors:

  • Base Cost – Fixed cost that covers the installation of the app across unlimited devices within your organization.
  • Items and Materials – Fixed cost to create the 3D models and materials you need in your customized app.
  • New Features – Fixed cost to develop any new features you may need in your customized app.

We don’t charge annual fees, license fees, royalties or any other hidden fees. We don’t work on a time basis – the quote you will be given will cover the entire development start to finish and unlimited devices installation within your organization.

I'm interested, what now?

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If you prefer to contact us via email, please use b2b@blackmana.com.